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Established in 2013. Bakingdom Food Group is headquartered in Nanjing Park, Zhangzhou National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Fujian Province. We are a comprehensive and provincial-level high-tech enterprise, which specializing in researching,developing,manufacturing high-level baking raw materials and production equipment. We now own Fujian Bakingdom Food Co.,Ltd., Zhang Zhou Golden Key Machinery Co.,Ltd Fujian Paragons Food Appliance Co., Ltd. Fujian Yiber Machinery Co., Ltd., Fujian Scien Machinery Co.,Ltd. and many other subsidiaries, integrating product research, manufacturing and sales services, having formed from innovative equipment, innovative appliances, innovative technology, baking raw materials, technical solutions to scientific maintenance. We enjoy the reputation of "China Baking Integrated Solution Integration Expert" in food industry, and have been widely praised by customers at home and abroad.

Our group has more than 20000 square meters of high standard production workshops, and 5000 square meters of modern office buildings and dormitory buildings. In order to meet the market demand and further expand the industrial scale of us, in 2014, Our Group purchased another 138 mu of newly acquired land in Zhangzhou High-tech Industrial Park to expand our headquarter and new plant area, with a total construction area of 148,000 square meters and an estimated total investment of 320 million RMB. By the end of 2017, the first phase of the construction project had been put into operation, and the design of second and third phases has been completed.

We always uphold the core values of "Professional, Innovation, Credibilty and Gratitude". We constantly strive to forge ahead, pursue technological , create good quality. Looking ahead, we have a long way to go. We believe that, with the care of all levels of Party committees and governments, with the support of our customers, with the joint efforts of all our colleagues, Bakingdom Food Group will go up to a higher level, create more brilliance, make newer and greater contributions to the vigorous development of China's food industry.

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