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Fujian Jixian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a  technology enterprise specializing in

food oxygen absorber, card type acohol antistalling agent,drying agent,antiseptic agent,R&D ,produce and sell of package technology.


The company is  founded in 2018, which is in the field of  a new industry under the Fujian Bakingdom Group. The company adheres to the core values of “profession, innovation, integrity, and gratitude”, and serves the food industry with all the souls, guarantees  food safety, advocates food health, and assists baked goods for the industry innovation and development. The company conducts research on the preservation of the final packaging and storage of products in the bakery food industry chain, focusing on food preservation technology, providing scientific preservation technology and products for different types of food preservation, by introducing non-direct additions in food packaging to keep the food delicious and fresh for a long time.


We produce the high-quality products under the strict quality management system and superior production environment. Our products are with safe and high quality.The company implements the ISO 9001:2015 international quality system requirements, every aspect of production  is strictly controlled, and every package of products required to be produced is 100% qualified. Strict production, strict management, strict quality inspection, quality as the life of the company, and integrity as the foundation of the company.


The company is dedicated to providing comprehensive and high-quality services for each customer.Due to each customer's product demand, we conduct scientific analysis and application testing for their uses  more accurately and scientifically. Our Service attitude wins the trust of customers.

The company has established a high-standard laboratory, introduced advanced foreign testing equipment, and cooperated closely with  Xiamen University, Jiangnan University, and South China University of Technology to set up a research team composed of industry experts to continuously improve the company's products. Innovation provides technical support to better meet customer demand for product technology.


Enterprise mission:ensure food safety, advocate food health, and help the food industry to innovate.

Enterprise Vision: become an integration expert of the industry's leading food preservation  technology program and a strategic partner of well-known food processing enterprises at home and abroad.

Core values: profession innovation, integrity, gratitude

Quality policy: full participation, manufacturing quality products that customers are satisfied with;

Continuous improvement to create a leading 100-year brand in the industry.

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