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Full Automatic Baking Bread Production Line


Baked Sandwich Bread, Baked Toast Bread,Baked Pocket Bread, etc.

Equipment Function & Parameter:

1.Full-auto controlling system with high automation while the machine can be also upgraded as per customer's reasonable requirements.

2.Under ISO standard designing, passed the ISO certificate, Electric parts under ISO quality certification, with safety protection unit, such as, safety door and emergency stop and so on.  

3.Most of the spare parts are under numerical control precisely processing, Key mechanical parts are under CNC processing, Main outsourcing parts are World famous brand.

4.Operating interface is the industry PLC with humanistic designing and optional collection for production record.

5.Other optional functions can be chosen by customer's requirement


Main Technical Parameter:

Total power: 130KW ( 3PH 380V 50HZ)

Design Speed: 230-350 KG/ H (Base on 25-27G/PC)

Overall size:   ( L*W*H)

Weight: 1000KG

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