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The whole member marketing and precise service for listing GEM on 2021
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    On April 7, 2020, a sales meeting was held at the headquarters of Bakingdom Group. Participants of the meeting were CEO Mr. Xue Congfu,   Vice Chairman and General Manager Mr.Lu Dengrong, Director Mr. Shen Wenhui, each department leader  and the Sales Team.


01 CEO Mr. Xue Congfu said on the meeting: The whole member marketing  strategies was made by the company in early 2020 which wil under the charge of company directors. In the first quarter, sales was increased than last year. During the covid-19, many companies have crises, but there are also have the opportunities in crisis, we need to seize the opportunity. We need to open up the source and regulating the flow . The production and R & D departments should develop cost-effective products, and the procurement department should reduce the cost of raw materials procurement and logistics transportation; according to the strategic deployment of the board of directors, the group will be list the GEM in 2021, and in June 2020, the plan of stock-based incentive compensation will be held. 


02 Mr.Lu Dengrong said: The sales targets have been completed on march, and Mr. Chen Xiaomin is the current sales champion. Jixian branch also set the best performance since its establishment;

President Lu talked about the following points at the meeting:

1. In response to the reward and punishment plan formulated in February, the financial department should resolutely implemented it;

2. Small customers and potential customers also need to pay attention to them, we need to learn the sprit of perverted good" to customers from HUAWEI;

3. The development of the enterprise must attach importance to foreign trade business and take the road of internationalization;

4. The sales department is very motivated at present, and each functional center and business department must cooperate with the sales team to carry out business.


03 Director Mr. Shen Wenhui spoke at the meeting : Salemen need to go out and visit the customers, and constantly develop new customers and new markets. Tthen itwill make a major breakthrough in performance.


04 Statements made by each functional centers and business departments


Manpower Administration Center:

The company's strategic goals are very clear, development is overwhelming.We will list GEM in 2021. Wish everyone will maintain a good spirit and work together,implement the strategic goals into specific work;


Financial Management Center:

The Finance Department need to establish a better serve for  production and sales;


Golden Key Machinery Division:

The team is very motivated and fully cooperates with the salemen to the site to make plans to provide cost-effective products


Bakingdom Food Company Department:

Commitment to make product quality first, to reduce pressure on sales;

R & D products that meet market needs, the R & D department will provide cost-effective products to improve customer satisfaction;

Fully cooperate with sales, develop products that meet customer needs, and promote sales growth;


Jixian Biotechnology business department:

Communicate more with customers, know their needs, serve the customers closelyu, and hope that we will become stronger;


Foreign Trade Department:

Although affected by COVID-19, the sales target remains unchanged, and keep in touch with customers at all times. This year's foreign trade business will have a breakthrough, and will not drag the back of the Sales Department.


Supply Chain Management Center:

Continuously control procurement costs,make greater profit margins, and make timely delivery of raw materials;Logistics currently has significantly reduced costs. Next, we will analyze the supplier's cooperation model and warehousing processing. Reducing the costs based on comprehensive market judgment.

Bakingdom Food Group Culture:

Corporate mission: wholeheartedly escort human health and food;

Corporate vision: Become an international first-class bakery integration expert;

Business philosophy: attract customers with reputation, win customers with service, and return customers with quality;

Core values: professionalism, innovation, integrity and gratitude.

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